Bartender Cover Letter Sample


Juan dela Cruz
(63) 917-123-4567
[email protected]

Jan 1, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am sending you this letter to express my interest in applying for the evening shift Food and Beverage Officer at M&C Cafe & Bar.

I have a passion for connecting with people and creating drinks that people will order many times over. Moreover, I’d like to bring over more than seven years of experience as a bartender, working in sports clubs, hotel lounges and bars similar to yours. As I researched the type of clientele of M&C Cafe & Bar is similar to that of several of the places where I have served previously.

Most recently, I worked as the shift lead at my previous establishment, a private club used for business meetings and after-work cocktails. On top of my role as shift lead, I also trained new bartenders on our specialty drinks and orient them with our standards for customer service and mixing. I also revised our procedures for ensuring food safety and implemented an internal food safety audit. Additionally, I also created a signature drink that is a spin-off a salted caramel martini and plays well with the current general culinary trend of salt with chocolate or caramel.

I often receive compliments from the owners that I am very capable of engaging with people, both co-workers and customers. I am also complimented on my ability to properly correct new bartenders in a way that is encouraging but also serves the guest in a timely fashion.

I would love the opportunity to talk to you in person, meet your current staff, and learn more about your establishment. Thank you for your time and consideration of my employment at M&C Cafe & Bar.

Juan dela Cruz

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