Wednesday, March 27, 2024

No POEA Recruitment for Mushroom Pickers to Canada

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The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has issued a statement regarding the news about jobs a mushroom pickers in Canada.

In its website, the overseas labor agency said it is not involved in recruitment of the job. It added that there is currently no accredited recruitment agency and no approved job orders or employers in Canada.

The said job attracted attention after a news release by ABS-CBN News reported that mushroom pickers in Canada gets paid about P150,000 a month.

The news article featured Suzette Alcaro, a former domestic worker in Hong Kong who moved to Canada to work as a mushroom picker.

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“If the government approves my application to become an immigrant, I will take it so I can bring my husband here. If you think about it, this is for my family,” she said.

Teddy Legaspi, a former high school teacher from General Santos City who now works in the same industry, said housing accommodation for workers is good, noting only that the main adjustment had to make was dealing with the frigid weather.

Backed with good English language skills, and generally pleasant working attitude, Filipinos are a good fit for such jobs in Canada.

“Filipinos are good in English that’s why they are easily employable. To be honest, they don’t have to become highly-educated or college graduates to get hired. They just have to be hardworking,” said Lily Miranda Hammer, of A & L Hammers Workforce.

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Hammer added that mushroom pickers undergo seminars and training that last for three months, paid for by the Canadian government. Those who pass the training and background checks are then flown to Canada to work as mushroom pickers for 2 years.

When in Canada, workers are provided with free board and lodging and transportation services, aside from a monthly allowance.

The Department of Foreign Affairs on Thursday urged job seekers to verify employment opportunities with the help of the government’s labor offices.

Ambassador Petronila P. Garcia urged Filipinos to exercise caution “in believing reports of ways to work abroad that bypass the Philippine government’s standard procedures for the deployment of Filipino workers overseas.”

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The POEA has likewise warned job applicants of scammers who might take advantage of the said employment opportunity. Applicants may call 722 1144 or 722 1155 regarding any recruitment activity related to mushroom picker jobs in Canada.

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