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10 Common Reasons Why Employers Don’t Grant Domestic Helpers Day Off, Discourage Boyfriends

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Crazy as some reasons may sound, many of those employing domestic helpers are apparently on a different line of thinking as they enlist the reasons why they cannot allow their helpers to spend a day off per week from work.

1. She will be too tired to work the next day
Spending the whole day out dancing in the park, serving in the church, queuing in line for remittance or passport applications, joining rallies or partying with friends can be a tiring experience. I don’t want her unprepared for the upcoming week and spend the next day sleeping in the job.

2. She is here to work, not to enjoy herself.
We know she sacrificed a lot to work abroad. Let’s make it consistent — she is here and away from her family because of the bigger pay. So enjoying here instead of working seems a bit off.

3. My family takes her out on Sundays anyway.
I think it should count because it frees her away from work at home, although I let her accompany us to mind my kid. She gets free meals though, and saves money instead of spending her own money.

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4. I can’t trust her.
We hired her because we trust her, but for some reasons we realize we can’t trust her. But we are in a bind as long as the contract is enforced, that is why allowing her a weekend off is a no-no.

5. She might get pregnant.
Besides providing their helpers with insurance coverage, employers are also responsible for care and hospitalization fees once their helper gets pregnant and gives birth. Not to mention the missed domestic duties of helpers at home. So boyfriends nearby are off-limits.

6. She agreed not to take a day off.
We realized she is not too familiar with her rights as a helper so we took advantage of her naivety and convinced her she will be better off not taking a day off. In fact, we can show you her contract explicitly saying she is not willing to spend the weekend out.

7. Nobody will take care of her baby once she gets pregnant.
We know she cares a lot about her family, and we can see that in how she cares for our children. But what if she gets pregnant? Of course she will care for her baby once it is born. But she has other commitments to her employer, doesn’t she?

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8. If she goes on day off, then it’s me who doesn’t have my day off.
I work six days a week. Sunday is a time for me to rest, but if our maid will have her day off, then that means it’s no rest for me, right? But she’s a helper and I am an employer so that’s unfair.

9. I invested a lot on her.
I paid a lot of money to recruit her, pay her fare, and feed and accommodate her while she is with us. So if something goes wrong, we will also suffer — pay extra expenses for her, and if she returns to her home, pay another round of recruitment fees for her replacement.

10. She will only get bad influence outside.
Once she gets out of the house, our daily advice would probably get thwarted by bad company who will teach her tricks, demonize us and make her think we are exploiting her, not employing her.

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