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(96) Operations Supervisor Jobs in Davao City and Digos City

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Ensures key plantilla of each station is covered/manned; acts as reliever if a key personnel is not available/on leave.
Oversees day-to-day operations of all work stations of the branch; ensuring the readiness and a smooth operations; and operators’ strict adherence to operational and administrative standards (using operations checklist).
Complete manning; proper grooming; and happy and positive image;
Organized and clean floor/playing area.
Equipment in good working condition; supplies are complete.
Complete and accurate documentation for the session.
Updated Jackpot Boards.
Monitors daily sales targets; overall branch/product performances; and any branch operational concerns; directs branch personnel to adapt appropriate actions; secures the Branch Manager’s approval, if necessary.
Must be knowledgeable of all the game programs, mechanics, payout scheme, and policies of the site in terms of cash remittances and awarding.
Performs administrative functions.
Ensures complete and accurate documentation and filing of attendance, efficiency records, memos, clearances, billing for contracted services, and other manpower related reports.
Safe keeps and ensures all documents are stored three (3) months before disposal.
Acts as Command Station Operator and/or Stage Station Game Master responsible for the ff: Inspects, reconciles actual cards/game materials with documents, and receives the same from Branch Custodian.
Allocates game cards, instant games, SEcards , and other bingo products for sale to gaming attendants.
Supervises selling activities of gaming attendants; strategizes selling to maximize revenue.
Accomplishes station report(s); ensuring accuracy, completeness and timeliness.
Reconciles sales reports per session and cash remittances with the cash station operator or Branch Cashier.
Updates Jackpot Update Board; validates data with the Branch Cashier.
Ensures proper issuance of claim stub to all official winners for each game.
Records and properly files ball sequence; ensures accuracy of record.
Acts as Stage Station Game Master responsible for the ff:Stage Management, Operations and Hosting ,Proper Handling of Technical System and devices, Development of Script and Acquisition of Jackpot Update.
Willing to be assigned in Davao City or Digos City.

MOBILE NO.: 0917-8280591

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