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3 Countries That Eye Filipino Workers in the Hospitality Sector

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It’s there, you just have to grab it – opportunities in the hospitality sector abroad await a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

How does a pro-employee in a foreign workplace sound to you? You might think that it’s too good to be true or maybe too good as it sounds, but this is actually within your reach. Curious where? Here are three countries that you might want to consider when you look for a job in the hospitality industry abroad!


Australia surrounds itself with businesses relating to accommodation, food, and beverage – the hospitality industry. This country is very notable for its great climate, wonderful scenery, entertainment, and stress-free lifestyle.

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As of July 2021, the minimum salary in Australia is AUD $20.33 per hour or AUD $772.60 per week. If we convert it to the Philippine peso, this amounts to PHP ₱752.44 per hour and PHP

₱28,606.29 per week. This country is one of the first-world countries that offer a high minimum hourly wage, and the leading one at that. However, these numbers still vary depending on the type of job and the level of work you will have. Check out the list below to see what Australian companies are commonly looking for. One or two might be your field of interest!

·       Waiter/Waitress

·       Chef/Cook

·       Barista

·       Bartender

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·       Concierge

·       Other jobs (receptionist, housekeeper, etc.)


Now let’s see how you can apply for a Visa! There are two types of Australian working Visas. You can apply for a Temporary Visa if your work is on a temporary basis or if there’s a limited role you can do based on your employer. Another one is the Permanent Visa, which you’ll apply for if you have permanent work and will be a permanent resident.

Being an OFW in this country isn’t new. If you plan to work abroad and eventually settle down to pursue your dream lifestyle, Australia is a great choice for you.

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Singapore is driven by customer satisfaction through interactive and immersed experiences. Being one of the countries with a great tourism industry and sustainability plans, the country continues to attract more people. During the year 2016, Singapore provided Filipino workers with job opportunities such as chefs, customer service representatives, waiters, etc. Take note! These positions are still in demand.

For your information, there are three types of working visas in Singapore – the work permit, the S Pass, and the E Pass.

  • Work Permit – the work permit is solely for semi-skills workers. The roles under this visa are for construction workers, manufacturing, and the service The average salary for this level amounts to SGD $1,600 or PHP ₱57,600 per month.
  • S Pass – S Pass is for the mid-level workers, meaning graduate jobs and those with numerous work The average salary for this level is SGD $2,500 or PHP

₱90,088 per month.

  • E Pass – the E Pass, also known as Employment Pass, is a high-paying position. Major roles under this level are managerial and executive The average salary under this level amounts to SGD $4,500 or PHP ₱162,160 per month.

Singapore became a popular choice for the OFWs given that there’s a sustainable career, a steady economy, security, high wages, and high dollar exchange. Until now, you’ll see a lot of Filipinos who not just work but lives in Singapore.

United Kingdom

Are you thinking about working abroad for the first time? Then the United Kingdom is a perfect country for you. Some graduates got deployed in the UK with roles relating to hotel and restaurant management, health care workers, and more. The country is also at rank 4 when it comes to hospitality employment, as of 2019.

In terms of salary, the minimum wage is GBP £18,000 or PHP ₱1,163,509.20 per year and GBP

£1,500 or PHP ₱ 97,023.74 per month. While for their hospitality jobs, check out the list below to see what the country is looking for:

·       Barista

·       Cook

·       Restaurant manager

·       Executive Chef

·       Hotel manager

·       Host/Hostess

·       Other jobs (tour guide, hotel receptionist, wedding planner, etc.)


For the visas, the United Kingdom offers three types of (working) visas – short-stay, non-immigrant, and immigrant. Click here to know more.

  • Short-stay UK Visa – valid for anything but only lasts from one day up to six months. This includes tourist, visitor, and transit visas.
  • Non-immigrant Visas – this is for a long-term temporary visa that is widely used for studying or working in a fixed-term temporary contract without the intention of staying as a resident in the UK. The period of this visa is from 1 to 5
  • Immigrant Visas – this is for those who wish to stay longer or permanently in the U.K. Commonly, one would apply for a long-term visa and then But this is not applicable for the investor, family, and global talent visas which can be renewed every year if conditions are met.

As you can see, immigrants can immerse themselves in the British culture and learn new skills related to their role given that the country can provide great experiences and opportunities, especially for starters.

What’s in it for you?

With their high standing in the hospitality industry, these countries are growing and in need of more workers. These three countries are eyeing Filipino hospitality workers such as chefs, restaurant managers, bar managers, front desk personnel, food service supervisor, and many more. As of December 2014, there is a total of 304,093 OFWs in Australia and 200,000 each in Singapore and the United Kingdom, and you might be the plus one!

We help our fellow Filipinos realize their wish to work abroad by making the process simpler for them. From the filing of documents, up to your actual work abroad, until your arrival back in the Philippines. Here’s some additional information that might deepen your interest!

  1. First and foremost, there is no placement fee collected. You don’t have to pay anything upfront.
  2. There is a big chance of you being a permanent resident
  3. Full assistance from application to departure
  4. We have clients that offer families being on dependent visas

But, How Do We Do It?

Take the first step and start your adventure by sending your application via our website! Rest assured that we are totally on board in accompanying you on your journey. Keep in mind that our top priority is you. What’s more? Of course, you’ll get to meet nice people and know more about your career, the company, and the culture abroad. You will love what this opportunity can provide you today and in the future – that’s for sure!

Pursue your dream. Turn it into reality.

We have a partnership with companies in the hospitality sector from different parts of the world. By bridging a connection, we help them find the best candidate and we help you get the job you want. To give you specific details on what we are looking for, check these links out to know the job openings we have for our clients from Australia and the United Kingdom.

Australia Job Openings:
Other Job Openings:

Feel free to reach out anytime!

If you think you are fit for the roles above or would simply like to express your interest, feel free to slide into our email at and check out our LinkedIn page for more info: Cashel Business Services Inc.

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