Which banks accept Philhealth payments?

Which banks accept Philhealth Payments?

Universal Banks
Allied Banking Corporation
Banco de Oro – EPCI
Banco de Oro – Unibank
Bank of the Philippine Islands**
China Banking Corporation
Development Bank of the Phils.
Land Bank of the Philippines
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company*
Philippine National Bank
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.
Security Bank
United Coconut Planters Bank
Union Bank of the Phil.(Over-the-Counter & E-Pay)**

Commercial Banks
Asia United Bank
Bank of Commerce
Citibank N. A.
Maybank of the Philippines, Inc.
Philippine Veterans Bank
Thrift Banks

Asia Trust Bank
Bank One Savings and Trust Corp.
Century Savings Bank
Citystate Savings Bank
Enterprise Bank, Inc. (A Thrift Bank)
Philippine Business Bank
Philippine Postal Savings Bank
Planters Development Bank
Premiere Development Bank
RCBC Savings Bank
Robinson’s Savings Bank

Rural Banks
Country Rural Bank of Taguig, Inc.
Gulf Bank (Rural Bank of Lingayen, Inc.)
One Network Bank, Inc.
Peninsula Rural Bank, Inc.
People’s Bank of CARAGA
Producer’s Rural Banking Corp.
Asian Hills Bank, Inc.
Century Rural Bank, Inc.
Money Mall Rural Bank, Inc.
Progressive Bank
Rural Bank of Bambang (NV), Inc.
Rural Bank of Sta. Catalina (Negros Oriental), Inc.
Rural Bank of Jose Panganiban (CN), Inc.
Green Bank of Caraga (A Rural Bank)
Saviour Rural Bank, Inc.

Cooperative Bank
Bukidnon Cooperative Bank

Source: http://www.philhealth.gov.ph/partners/collecting/banks.html

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