Aside from Retirement Pension What Else Can an SSS Member Receive?

The retiree is entitled to a 13th month pension payable every December. All retiree pensioners prior to the effectivity of RA 7875 on March 4, 1995 are automatically considered members of PhilHealth and he and his legal dependents are entitled to its hospitalization benefits.

On the other hand, retirees effective March 4,1995 up to the present will be entitled to hospitalization benefits under PhilHealth only if they have contributed 120 monthly Medicare contributions. The counting of 120 monthly contributions shall start in 1972, when the Medical Care Act of 1969 started implementation.

A copy of DDR print-out indicating the type of claim is retirement in nature and the effectivity date of pensioner in its absence a copy of retiree-pensioner certification issued by SSS shall be required. They need to register under Philhealth for the issuance of a Philhealth ID card.
Are the children of a retiree member entitled to the dependent’s pension?

The legitimate, legitimated, or legally adopted and illegitimate children, conceive on or before the date of retirement of a retiree will each receive dependents’ pension equivalent to 10 per cent of the member’s monthly pension or P250, whichever is higher.

Only five minor children, beginning from the youngest, are entitled to the dependents’ pension. No substitution is allowed.

If there are more than five dependents, the legitimate, legitimated or legally adopted children shall be preferred.