How long does it take to secure a POEA travel exit clearance?

a. Processing at the POEA Central Office takes a maximum of 20 minutes from the time the worker is called to present his documents to the POEA evaluator up to the time he is referred to the assessor and cashier for payment of the travel exit clearance; WOL/BMs are, advised that there is a queuing system because of the volume of BMs applying for the exit clearance at the POEA Central Office.

b. For the one way delivery system/dropbox, the processing of documents is done within the day. The exit clearance is delivered to the worker within 1-3 days depending on the delivery zone;

c. For the two way delivery system, provided that all documents are in order, the exit clearance is delivered to the applicant’s residence within three working days for Metro Manila residents and five working days for non-Metro Manila residents.

Source: POEA

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