Who Can Apply for Multiple Travel Exit Clearance (MTEC)?

MTEC or Multiple Travel Exit Clearance is an exit clearance document that is co-terminus with the validity of their employment contracts, but which shall not exceed two years. The worker has the option to secure a maximum of 2 travel exit clearance during the validity of her or his existing contract depending on the provisions of the contract allowing frequent vacations

Who can apply for MTEC

  • Workers whose nature of work and employment contract allow the worker multiple exit from the job site and re-entry to the Philippines for at least three times within a period of one year during the duration of his/her employment contract;
  • Filipino cabin crew and flight attendants of commercial aircraft who are joining their operational flights outside of the country, and who are not in possession of permanent resident visa issued by their foreign host countries; and
  • Other categories of returning workers whose contract of employment provides frequent scheduled vacations or rotational leave

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