Indian, Filipino Applicants Top Permanent Status Beneficiaries of Canadian Express Entry in 2015

Skilled Filipinos were among the top beneficiaries who gained permanent status in Canada through the country’s Express Entry program according to an annual update by the Immigration, Refugees and Immigration Canada (IRIC).

Only applicants from India were ahead of the Filipinos in 2015 who received invitation to settle in Canada through the program for economic immigrants.

Express Entry program utilizes the comprehnsive ranking system (CRS) which assigns score of an applicant based on his or her age, educational qualification, language proficiency and work experience. The program, launched in 2015, is aimed at recruiting foreign skilled workers worldwide and giving them opportunity to become permanent settlers in Canada.

A total of 31,000 invitations were issued by IRIC to applicants in 2015. Close to 80 per cent of invitations were issued to foreign nationals already living and working in Canada. About 10,000 of the applicants, the report says, were already based in Canada.

Some 3,574 invitations for permanent status were awarded to skilled Filipinos who were working in Canada in 2015, or 12.6 per cent of the total number invited, next to the 6,348 invitations received by applicants of Indian descent (22.4 per cent).

Invitation for permanent status were also granted to 283 skilled Filipinos applying in the Philippines.

Other skilled immigrants offered to live in Canada in 2015 were from China, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Nigeria, South Korea, France and Australia.