Filipino Couple Inside Vancouver SkyTrain Told: Go Back to f****** Philippines

After a Filipina in Hong Kong received racist rant from a local woman inside a public transport, a Filipino couple half a world away experienced the same thing from a woman on board a train.

An incident caught on video showed a woman hurling racist insult to a Filipino couple inside the Vancouver SkyTrain on transit.

The woman had supposedly asked the Filipinos to lower their voices. The Filipinos responded that it was how they talked back home.

Upon hearing the racist comment from the woman, fellow passengers came to the rescue of the Filipino couple, calling the woman a racist.

“I am not racist!” the woman responded. “I asked them to talk a little low and their excuse was they talk like that in their country.”

After the couple apologized, telling the woman, who was identified by police as a 75-year-old New Westminster resident, they talked loudly, even at normal times, the woman told them to stop giving excuses and “Go back to the f—— Philippines.” The horrified couple replied, “Don’t say that.”

A teenaged passenger intervened, calling the woman “racist” and demanded the woman to get off the train.

“People care that you are here so get off,” he yelled.

The heated argument continued to be tense between her and the teenager till she got down at the next stop.

However, as soon as she got down, the woman peered through the window of the seat where the couple was seated and repeated: “Go back to the Philippines.”

The incident was brought to the notice of the transport police of Vancouver.

“Once the videos were reviewed by Transit Police, it was determined that the aggressor in this situation had used profane and racially slanted language toward the elderly couple and an investigation was launched,” said the police in a statement, Independent reported.

Police revealed the woman had demonstrated such behavior in the past too: “She is known to police for documented anger related issues in the past but there is nothing documented that would indicate there is a concern for public safety.”

“The two witnesses who posted the videos will be interviewed shortly. The suspect will then be interviewed with a discussion and warning about her behavior and conduct when using the transit system,” added the police.

A video footage of a Chinese woman’s profane and xenophobic rant towards a Filipino woman on a Hong Kong bus has been shared widely on social media earlier this month, sparking outrage among the city’s large Filipino community.