Canadian Police Seek Fraudster Using Aid Website For Filipino Immigrants

Surrey Royal Canadian Mounted Police is seeking the public’s help in identifying a suspected fraudster who preyed on a victim through a website designed to help Filipino immigrants coming to Canada.

Authorities said on March 21 they received a report about a victim who was a defrauded by someone she met online.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the alleged fraudster identified herself as Creste Gelera, which authorities believe is not her real name, and convinced the unidentified victim to supply her bank account in order for Gelera to deposit the cheque with funds supposedly intended for a surgery that Gelera allegedly needed.

After the cheque was deposited, the victim was instructed to withdraw the cash and give it to a woman named Lulu Beth, which is also believed to be a false name. It wasn’t long before the bank called to advise the victim that the cheque was a fake and that she had been defrauded of her money.

Surrey RCMP has obtained and provided surveillance photos of the suspect with the following description:

  • Asian female
  • 30-40 years old
  • With dark hair and pink highlights

Surveillance photo showed the suspect wearing glasses, grey sweatshirt and black vest.

“Take steps to protect yourself and your money. Wait until a cheque is cleared by the bank before withdrawing the money and never give out your banking information or passwords,” said Sgt. Alanna Dunlop in a statement

Anyone with relevant information may contact RCMP at 604-599-0502, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or through