Embassy Denies Visa-Free Entry to Australia For Filipino Citizens

The Australian Embassy has denied reports that claim Filipinos can now enter the country with visa-free access starting in 2017.

“The embassy is aware of a hoax or scam suggesting that visa-free options for Filipino nationals will be available from January 2017. This is a scam and potential travelers to Australia must have a valid Australian visa,” the embassy said in a statement.

The fake news cited Australian politician Julie Bishop as saying that the relaxed immigration rules have finally been approved 9 months since it was proposed in Parliament.

It also claimed that Filipinos entering Australia will only require to show round-trip tickets and declare at least A$2,000 cash with them, while business travelers must provide financial proof of at least A$5,000.

The article being refuted by the embassy said that the Australian and Philippine governments entered into a bilateral visa agreement, after a year of deliberation, to simplify travel requirements between the two countries.

The article also said the same privilege will be given to Australians visiting the Philippines.

The embassy likewise advised those who wish to visit Australia to refer to it official website on legal steps on how to enter the country.http://philippines.embassy.gov.au/mnla/Visitor_Visas2.html

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