Filipina in New Zealand Immigration Scam Named

A Filipina who was charged for allegedly running an elaborate immigration scam to bring in more Filipino workers into New Zealand dairy labor market has been named.

Loraine Anne Cander Jayme, 35, is facing 284 charges including multiple counts of forgery, use of tampered documents and supplying false information.

was arrested in October after a probe launched by Immigration New Zealand discovered the involvement of over 1,000 Filipino dairy workers in an immigration fraud.

Applicants reportedly paid thousands of dollars to obtain visas through fraudulent menas.

Roger Laybourn, the defendant’s lawyer has previously sought to overturn a court decision to lift her name supression in December, citing death threats made against his client and family. He pointed out that Jayme’s seven-year-old child could become a victim of bullying in school.

However, Hamilton High Court judge Edwin Wylie rejected all defense arguments saying there was significant public interest regarding the case and that suppressing the defendant’s name should be lifted.

“In my judgment there is nothing to suggest that publication of Mrs Jayme’s name is going to have any effect on accelerating or extinguishing the risk of further threats being made,” he said.

“Publication may in fact reduce the threat to her safety because it would inform those aggrieved that the matter is before the courts.”

Jayme has been further remanded on bail without plea to reappear in the Hamilton District Court on March 16.

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