In Demand Jobs in New South Wales

This list shows occupations, which were assessed in 2013-14 by the Department of Employment specifically for New South Wales, for which shortages or some recruitment difficulty is evident. Occupations are defined according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations.

      1. Nursing Clinical Director. Employers experience difficulty recruiting nursing clinical directors in the aged care sector and for some positions combining clinical nurse director and facility manager roles.
      2. Architect. Some employers experience difficulty recruiting registered architects with five years or more experience in specific industry sectors.
      3. Civil Engineering Professionals. Employers have difficulty filling vacancies for senior engineers in civil design, structural design and infrastructure design.
      4. Electrical Engineer. Some employers experience difficulty recruiting electrical engineers with several years of experience in building services design.
      5. Early Childhood (Pre-Primary). School Teacher There is a shortage of early childhood teachers in the long day care sector in NSW. However, preschools operating during standard school hours and terms are generally able to fill positions for early childhood teachers without difficulty.
      6. Secondary School Teacher. There are recruitment difficulties for experienced secondary teachers in a small number of subject areas such as mathematics and technological and applied studies and in a small number of regional locations.
      7. Hospital and Retail Pharmacist. Employers experience difficulty recruiting experienced retail pharmacists in some regional towns.
      8. Midwives. Midwife is in shortage in NSW. Among the most difficult positions to fill are those requiring experienced midwives, and those in some regional hospitals requiring qualifications and experience in both general nursing and midwifery. In general, positions suited to recent graduates proved less difficult to fill, as did positions in hospitals partnered with a university.
      9. nurse

      10. Registered Nurses. There are difficulties recruiting experienced registered nurses in some specializations such as emergency and cardiothoracic and in some regional locations.
      11. Automotive Electrician. Regional shortages are evident in various sectors and involve work on a range of vehicles including light vehicles and mining and construction plant.
      12. Metal Fabricator. Recruitment difficulty relates to specialized fabrication positions requiring precision engineering, and positions in some inland towns.
      13. Bricklayer. The shortage is particularly evident for face hands. The majority of employers select applicants on the basis of a work trial and are not necessarily seeking formally qualified bricklayers. The most commonly cited reason for the unsuitability of applicants was unsatisfactory performance during the work trial.
      14. Carpenters and joiners. There are shortages of carpenters, joiners, and carpenters and joiners. Unfilled and hard-to-fill vacancies are distributed across various skill sets including carpentry, formwork carpentry, shop fitting, detail joinery, and the installation of bathrooms and kitchens.
      15. Painting Trades Worker. Shortages are evident in most areas of Sydney and various regional locations. Vacancies requiring painters with their own ABN and insurance are generally more difficult to fill.
      16. Fibrous Plasterer. The shortage of fibrous plasterers is evident across various suburbs of northwestern NSW.
      17. Wall and Floor Tiler. The shortage relates to various suburbs of Sydney and regional locations and involves general tiling, residential repair and maintenance, and specialist tiling such as bathrooms and wet areas.
      18. Plumbers Metropolitan. shortages are evident for general plumbers and plumbers specializing in areas such as draining/relining, roofing and guttering, and metal roofing. In regional NSW, shortages mostly relate to specialized areas such as roof plumbing and draining for large civil projects.
      19. Electrician (General). Shortages of electricians are evident in regional NSW across a number of locations and sectors including domestic, commercial and industrial. In Sydney, employers experience difficulties in recruiting electricians with programmable logic controller (PLC) skills.
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