In Demand Jobs in Queensland

This list shows occupations, which were assessed in 2013-14 by the Department of Employment specifically for Queensland, for which shortages statewide is evident. Occupations are defined according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations.

  1. Nursing Clinical Director. Shortages are pronounced for nursing clinical directors in the aged care sector.
  2. Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic. Although employers attracted significant numbers of applicants with an electrical trade combined with a refrigeration certificate, they sought qualified air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and there is a shortage of these workers.
  3. Cabinet Makers. Employers are unable to attract qualified and competent cabinetmakers.
  4. Child Care Worker. Shortages are pronounced for qualified childcare workers in the long day care sector.
  5. Valuer. Although most employers attract qualified applicants, the majority of applicants lack the level or type of experience sought.
  6. Construction Estimator. Employers generally attract large fields of applicants but fill a low proportion of their vacancies. They require estimators who have experience in their specific sector of construction and applicants who do not have this experience are not generally considered to be suitable.
  7. Small Engine mechanic. Few applicants have specific small engine qualifications and skills.
  8. locksmith

  9. Locksmith. Employers in regional areas and those seeking specialist skills and experience have particular difficulty recruiting.
  10. Stonemason. Employers suggest that experience is not readily interchangeable between stonemasonry specializations.
  11. Solid Plasterer. Although few employers seek solid plasterers with formal qualifications, almost half of the surveyed vacancies remain unfilled as applicants either lack sufficient experience or failed a trade test.
  12. Electrical Lines worker. This labor market is highly regulated and, to be suitable, applicants must have up-to-date qualifications, and electrical licenses appropriate for their state or territory.

(This list is just a summary of the job shortages in Queensland. If you are interested in one of these jobs please check or inquire any agencies concerned. )

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