In Demand Jobs in South Australia

This list shows occupations, which were assessed in 2013-14 by the Department of Employment specifically for South Australia, for which shortages or some recruitment difficulty is evident. Occupations are defined according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations.

  1. Automotive Electrician. Despite low levels of demand, employers who do advertise have difficulty attracting experienced and qualified automotive electricians. Some suitable applicants rejected offers of employment due to the wages and employment conditions on offer.
  2. Diesel mechanic. Skill shortages for diesel mechanics remain, although they are not as severe as a year ago. Anecdotal evidence suggests that demand from the mining industry has subsided from previously high levels, taking some pressure off occupational supply.
  3. Sheetmetal Trades Worker. Shortages are for trade qualified and competent sheetmetal trades workers with workshop or jobbing experience where a range of skills is required. For example, pattern development, interpretation of technical drawings, bending, folding, welding (a range of metal types and welding techniques) and finishing.
  4. Welder (First Class). Shortages are for trade qualified and experienced first class welders who can competently and efficiently work with a range of metal types and welding techniques.
  5. Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic. Employers located in regional areas have more difficulties in filling vacancies than those in metropolitan Adelaide.
  6. aircon mech

  7. Construction Estimator. Employers generally attract large fields of applicants but fill a low proportion of their vacancies. They require estimators who have experience in their specific sector of construction and applicants who do not have this experience are not generally considered to be suitable.
  8. Glazier. Regional employers have more difficulty recruiting experienced glaziers than their metropolitan counterparts. These employers state that their location hinders their ability to recruit.

(This list is just a summary of the job shortages in South Australia. If you are interested in one of these jobs please check or inquire any agencies concerned. )

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