10 In Demand Jobs in Western Australia

This following list of occupations were assessed in 2013-14 by the Department of Employment specifically for Western Australia, for which shortages or some recruitment difficulty is evident. Occupations are defined according to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations.

  1. Surveyor. Vacancies for construction and engineering surveyors were the most frequently advertised. Recruitment difficulty is for surveyors with dimensional control surveying experience in sectors other than mining.
  2. Fitters. This labor market has eased but a number of employers are unable to attract experienced fitters with specialist skills relevant to their particular needs.
  3. Enrolled Nurse. Recruitment difficulty is for enrolled nurses with experience and skills in aged care or mental health.
  4. Farm Managers. Recruitment difficulty is for supervisory level positions.
  5. External Auditor. Employers in mid size accounting firms have difficulty recruiting external auditors with certification in chartered accountancy and a minimum of four years experience.
  6. Software Engineer. Employers experience difficulty recruiting software engineers with high-level security clearances for positions working with government agencies.


  7. Pastry Cook. Some employers attract large numbers of applicants but many lack the skills (often in particular pastry styles) that employers are seeking. Applicants who have undertaken short courses are generally considered to be unsuitable, as employers believe they have insufficient practical experience and expertise.
  8. Butcher or Small Goods Maker. Some independent butchers suggest that supermarkets do not provide apprentices with the full range of butchery skills required and indicate that apprentices who are trained in these butcheries do not transfer easily to independent butcheries.
  9. Chef/Cook. Employers attract multiple applicants but many are considered to be unsuitable as they lack the required level of experience or skills in a particular cuisine or establishment type. Employers are ideally seeking apprenticeship-qualified chefs/cooks. Positions for senior or highly experienced chefs are particularly difficult to fill.
  10. Hairdresser. There is a shortage of qualified and experienced hairdressers in metropolitan areas.

(This list is just a summary of the job shortages in Western Australia. If you are interested in one of these jobs please check or inquire any agencies concerned. )

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