Emerging Australia Job Opportunities for 2015

Forget about the traditional jobs in demand in Australia for a moment.

While retail, finance, mining and technology-related jobs are usually among the top sectors to land for jobs in Australia, there is an emerging set of skills sought across various industries.

These jobs involve strong analytical skills, not only able to read and understand big data, an industry term referring to structured and unstructured data sets that offer high value to businesses only if translated and interpreted by skilled professionals. Since these jobs didn’t exist in their current form a few years ago, they could become an emerging trend among data-driven job market.

These high-demand jobs emerge due to the dominance of big data in business, advancing security technology and risks facing businesses.

According to Jason Johnson, CTPartners Managing Partner for Asia Pacific, employers and businesses “want leaders who can not only understand massive amounts of information available but also identify threats and opportunities that come as a result of this evolving landscape. As such, analytical roles such as head of personalisation and head of people analytics, alongside risk and cybersecurity positions, are the new in-demand roles that will be key to maintaining a company’s competitive advantage in 2015.”

According to CTPartners, the hot jobs available in 2015 include:


  • Chief Marketing Officer: Along with the traditional skill set, today’s CMO must embrace data analytics to work effectively and measure performance.
  • Digital Marketing / Chief Creative Officer: The marketing executive is leading the way as companies continue their shift from traditional to online advertising platforms which allow closer tracking of return on investment.
  • Chief Digital Officer: Chief Digital Officers are being called upon to develop effective strategies for mobile and digital platforms.


  • Analytics Practice Leader: A key competitive priority is being able to capture and synthesize massive amounts of data now available from customer interactions, supply chain feedback and other sources.
  • Chief Growth Officer: Includes initiatives aimed at identifying growth opportunities across digital media and technology as well as borrowing ideas from the startup world.
  • Head of Personalisation: Must be an expert at integrating the knowledge gained from customer behavior analytics into highly-targeted engagement and marketing strategies.



  • Chief Information Security Officer: Best-in-class cyber security leaders possess a defense sector or federal government background.
  • Digital Risk Officer: Businesses in all industries will turn to DROs to meet the ever-growing need for consistent, organisation-wide responses to digital business risk.
    Conduct Risk Officer: A subset of operational risk, conduct risk incorporates treatment of customers, remuneration of staff and a firm’s response to conflicts of interest.


  • Chief Human Resources Officer: CEOs are looking for much more out of their HR leader and from a global perspective. The CHRO of today and tomorrow will act as a counselor and reliable sounding-board to the CEO.
  • Head of People Analytics: With the richness of data and analytic tools at hand to CEOs, they want deeper and more meaningful information about human capital, their most valuable asset.


  • Private Equity CFO: With increasingly robust private equity activity underway on a global basis, this financial leader has the capacity to move quickly when making decisions.


  • Head of Customer Engagement: Pharmaceutical and other healthcare organisations are taking a digital approach to engaging with and responding to an increasingly influential customer base of patients and payers.
  • Chief Patient Officer: Patient empowerment will be a defining theme, particularly as the opportunities inherent in the convergence of healthcare and technology materialise.
  • Head of Population Health Management: Along with disease management expertise, this role will possess a sophisticated understanding of the data and analytic tools available as well as business priorities across the spectrum of healthcare providers and payers.
  • Chief Innovation Officer: This emerging life sciences sector role encompasses both product development and strategic direction responsibilities.

Source: Business Insider Australia

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